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    Question about spray booths and paint smell


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    Question about spray booths and paint smell

    Post by Redryder74 on Thu 31 Oct 2013, 11:04 am

    Question about spray booth

    Hi all,

    I currently airbrush without a “proper” spray booth. I use a plastic box, and a room air-purifier that I bought during the haze. The air purifier has a carbon filter that absorbs the fumes and smell. I also wear a respirator when working. I airbrush on the kitchen table in the dining area due to a lack of space in my HDB flat.

    Before I plonk down the cash for a spray booth, I would like to check with you guys if they really work. Will there still be residual smells even with a spray booth? If so, I’ll still need to run my air purifier, then I might as well not get a spray booth. It’s the smell of the fumes that bother my family.

    I know a lot of people build DIY spray booths in Singapore, but I don’t feel safe doing it. Any sparks from the fan wiring could ignite the paint fumes.

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