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    any advice for assembling kits without painting

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    Re: any advice for assembling kits without painting

    Post by plar10 on Tue 19 Mar 2013, 5:10 pm

    imo for rg/mg/pg kits, removing nub marks, add panel lines, decals & perhaps top coat will make the kits look decent enough as usually the parts come in separate colors so painting isn't really necessary.

    as for hg/ng color separation is usually minimum so some sort of painting (even just using gundam markers) would be needed on top of those mentioned above.

    i would also checkout the tutorial section for more tips. hope that helps.
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    Re: any advice for assembling kits without painting

    Post by Landel on Tue 19 Mar 2013, 11:52 pm

    Hi Marco, yes in fact I do have a WIP of an RG Aile Strike (unpainted).

    For unpainted builds, the best tip I can give you is... topcoat! If you topcoat your kit it will not have that horrible "plastic look" anymore. You can buy a spray can of matte/semigloss/gloss topcoat at hobby stores.

    The second tip is also mentioned by plar10... try to get a Real Grade (RG), or Master Grade (MG), or Perfect Grade (PG) kit. This is because RG/MG/PG all have good colour separation (means that the individual parts are already pre-coloured on the sprue and no additional colouring is required). In addition to that you don't have to glue anything together, because the engineering for the assembly is just so good!

    However, MG (and even PG) sometimes have parts that do require colouring to make it proper (maybe only 2% touchup required). RG has 100% colour separation so I personally recommend RG (also very good value for money).

    Third tip also mentioned by plar10... which is panel lines. Although no spray can or airbrush is required, panel lines can be simple and fun to do because you only need a good brush, Tamiya Panel Line Accent Colour (grey and black), and a small jar of Tamiya enamel thinner.

    Fourth tip is removing nub marks (the unwanted parts that are left on the model after cutting them from the sprue). Since this is an unpainted build, you want to make sure you do not apply stress onto the plastic, which will make it turn white. Try instead to use a super sharp flush cutter and/or hobby knife to slowly trim the sprue, in layers of 0.2 mm at a time until you reach the bottom of the work piece. By "slicing" instead of taking "deep cuts" (which cause the plastic to bend) you can prevent the plastic from yielding. After that, you can use 800 grit sandpaper to sand it flush, then I personally use a 3 step fingernail buffer to polish the plastic back to its original shine. But if I'm not mistaken I think 1000 grit should be sufficient before topcoat (never tried it before though).

    I'm supposed to do up a tutorial for removing nub marks for unpainted builds but haven't had the time. Hope this explanation helps though... if you're not sure you can just ask me for clarification, I'd be happy to help. Embarassed

    Things such as handpainting details can help to give your kit more oomph but are not really necessary. I recommend:
    1. Getting an RG kit you like
    2. Remove nub marks properly
    3. Use panel line wash technique to add panel lines
    4. Add the stickers/decals (as mentioned by plar10)
    5. Topcoat your model (my own personal preference is for matte coat)

    For some of the other tips you can maybe look at my WIP here. It's not that great but I hope it helps.
    My sample WIP unpainted build


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    Re: any advice for assembling kits without painting

    Post by DarthYuy on Wed 20 Mar 2013, 9:20 am

    Well explained Landel! Thank you for your help!
    I'm gonna sticky this~ in the tutorial sections~

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    Re: any advice for assembling kits without painting

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