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    How to do your own diorama


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    How to do your own diorama

    Post by NoobKing on Mon 27 Jun 2011, 3:45 pm

    Below is some videos on guiding you to make your own diorama

    How to Make a Diorama - Part 1 The Terrain Shell

    How to Make a Diorama - Part2 Adding the terrain

    How to Make a Diorama Part3: Adding Bushes and Trees

    How to Make a Diorama: Part 4 Casting Plaster Rocks

    How to Make Diorama Terrain: Part 5 Painting the Rocks

    Make A Diorama Waterfall

    Diorama Tutorial: Making Trenches

    Diorama making: Tufts of Grass tutorial

    [center]Basically alot of the items you can find them at ArtFriends
    Have Fun Playing Around[/

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