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    [ask] where to buy resin casting blocks

    SGGS Supreme Member
    SGGS Supreme Member

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    [ask] where to buy resin casting blocks

    Post by epsilondelta24 on Wed 05 Sep 2012, 11:45 pm

    not sure if it's the right subforum...

    I'm thinking of getting something like this for my next mods :
    ebay link

    that would mean I only need to create/sculpt one piece, and re-cast it for other parts, which is especially useful for kits with symmetric parts.. Razz

    the question is, where to get such item in Singapore? if I can't get it locally I'll get it from ebay.


    SGGS Newbie
    SGGS Newbie

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    Re: [ask] where to buy resin casting blocks

    Post by dtanwt on Fri 14 Sep 2012, 6:17 pm


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