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Dear all, this forum will be shut down in June 2017 due to low activity.

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Here are the rules and we the admin team from SGGS would appreciate if members would read it. GENERAL RULES: 1. No harsh words towards any other forummer. 2. Opinions that create arguments are not recommended. 3. Each forummer must respect another's opinion. 4. Images uploaded and shared should be appropriate images (No nudity, hentai or obscene images) 5. No racist remarks or anything disrespectful towards any other race or country. 6. No swearing or trash talk (can cause you to be warned and banned). 7. Please make sure to Search the Tutorials thread before posting in any question. 8. Any member who does not follow the rules and regulations will be given fair warning of three times by any admin members. If the warning is not heeded, then you will be banned. and last but not least... 9. Each forummer must have fun. That is a MUST! IMAGE SIZE AND IMAGE POSTING REGULATIONS Please post all images in the forum within a favourable picture size of 800 px or below. This is to lower bandwidth hogging and slowdown. NO HOTLINKING. In short, no linking from another site when posting images on the forum. It's bad manners, and it eats up the other site's bandwith for nothing. Please rehost all images on free image hosting sites like,, flickr, picasa or any image hostig website. MEMBER GROUPS AND ACCESSIBILITY: Here in SGGS we are trying to promote the passion in modelling be it Gundams/Mecha/Airplanes/Cars/ Toys etc. That is why the reason for having members share their views or works is very important. For this we have devised a grouping scheme which we hope to promote members in being more involved with the forum. Here are the Groups and how YOUR postings will increase your ability to view other parts/sections of the forum. You start off as SGGS Lurker (0-10 posts) ,SGGS Newbie (10-99), SGGS Members (100-299), SGGS Senior Member (300-499) and SGGS SUPREME USERS (500 posts and above) Here are the accessibility that you gain: SGGS Lurkers - All except Gundam Models, Work In Progress and Merchants Quarters. SGGS Newbie - All more when I think of it SGGS SUPREME USERS - All (full access to all sections). A special group is the SGGS Moderators who are promoted into this group are those who has shown great contribution to the forum. Their promotion are reviewed by the admin.
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